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Posted by Pip

A25- Fairest Of Them All

Doinís a transfiriní! Aska pretty much sucked Lust dry and mucked around with the usual order of things. Instead of the Sins possessing her and having fun (as with Rhett), Aska stole some of Lustís energy.
Chalk a mirror up as the first thing Greed took out of its body in this series.
Crud, I just realized I didnít draw one of Askaís bracelets. Ummm, you didnít realize it or read this either.

Live in Cape May and plan on attending the film festival? If not, shame on you! Shame! Well for the not attending part. Youíre allowed to not live in Cape May. I have a friend entering a film in it and I highly suggest some of his previous work. Either beat out those other films or rough up their directors at the after-party, Glen!