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Posted by Pip

M20- Rablergal

Our cameo page served as a nice time change for Lustís return. Now remember that Slander was just supposed to be a bit part, but you can probably count on seeing her again some time down the road.
This page would probably just feel mean if that was really Aceena suffering, but since we know itís Greed, itís comedy gold, baby!

The book contest is at its halfway point! Donít forget to send your entries in!

New donation wallpaper for the month as always. A meeting of DDG and Sinsís main characters. I actually had it ready last month but the comic wasnít up to that point yet so I held it back.

The favored search leading to Sins was another interesting month. A bizarre rise in the number of Shego searches that I really canít explain, some hilarious ones I donít want to repeat in company, and a toss up between ďbizarre food criticĒ and ďlearn necronomicsĒ. The food critic sounds keen but it would probably wind up being eating animal bits no man was meant to eat or monkey brains or something and I just donít jive with that. Necronomics gets the edge solely because itís fun to imagine zombies in a board meeting about economics. Stop paying attention or play with your cell phone and somebody chews your ear off or takes a finger or two. That would get the ideas flowing.