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M23- Smack The Messenger

Beware Virtues bearing propositions! And not the sexy kinds either, the serious ones. And it does shed some light onto why Lust hated Content so much in Rhettís story. Lust wasnít much of a fan of the Virtues to begin with and then trying to buy her and the Sins off, Content isnít really best friend material.
Small nod to Kieyís content entry with Greed in the background ripping off a picture from Aceena. As payment for organizing all his junk, Greed has to pay back Avidity by swiping some fine art now and then. While whatís hanging in a kidís room may not be fine art, you take what you can get. Or whatever isnít nailed down.

Posted by Pip

DDG 10

The next DDG page is up too.