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PF1- Another Hole In Their Heads

Well in case you couldnít tell by the fact that Harmond and Legion Greed are the first characters seen, this is bit of a wrap-up page. Going back in time a little and explaining a bit more what happened to a few characters.
Harmond has been working out! I suppose when lots of people want you dead or beat, cutting your hair and buffing up are good ideas. And our poor battered Legion is a bit of a smartass, but I can forgive him. Because in all serious people will point that out. Itís mind boggling! How do they think you donít realize it?!

Got back from seeing ď300Ē a little while ago with friends. In all honesty I wasnít expecting much going in, so I wound up extremely pleased. Just from a directing/producing stand point, itís a very well made film. There are some great artistic decisions, shots, and some really good lines. Content wise, I was very surprised by the violence too. No, I didnít expect it to be family friendly. The battles were so stylized that at times it almost seems nonviolent. Thereís blood everywhere but it looks and feels like paint so you canít really get upset about it. Itís like when somebody gets hurt in a cartoon. No matter how good of a job the artist does, the blood wonít look natural and it has a whole different effect. People get heads lopped off, shot, stabbed, sliced, you name it, but thereís nothing Iíd classify as ďgoreĒ. It certainly deserves its rating for sexuality alone (but in all equality, for every topless woman there was an almost nekkid buff guy too) but it was nowhere near what I was expecting.