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SailorSun Filler

We have a guest page courtesy of Sailor Sun artist, Chris. Thanks to him and check out his comic (which you may remember I did a guest page for as well a few weeks ago).

And just WHY do we have a guest page today? To honor the fact that…

The Sins book is now available! The book encompasses all the arcs from A- Aska to , er, A-Aceena. Hmm, should have had somebody host with a Z name. It also features new chapter pictures and a short comic about Sins as well.
Check out our new Swag page:

Or follow the direct links to the books themselves:
The English version in black and white (very economical):

The English version in color (expensive to print, but the downloadable one is very cheap):

And thanks to the wonder that is Ackin, whom we all love and worship, the book is available in Spanish as well! With its own different covers too. Oooh, collectible.

Big thanks to everybody that entered the book contest.
Mega thanks to Duck and Spiral. Their entries can be seen here…


Regular thanks to :
PDay and his pumpkin designs:

Dark Oblivion and his poster:

And Vulture and Greed_San for their online efforts!

Thanks everybody and I hope you enjoy the book.