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PF8- Dead Boy Boy Toy

Dangit, she is CUTE when she’s being evil! And I think that just makes her more evil. Maybe that’s what has kept her going all these years. Perpetual evil energy. You have to give her credit for her plan though. She’s not quite right in the head but still had the intelligence to really work this plan out ahead of time.

New month, new donation reward wallpaper of course. Easter seemed like a good theme and the only thing better than Easter eggs (aside from Cadbury’s Mini-Eggs, not the Crčme ones though, bleh) is Easter Slapeggs.

And the always fun, best search that led to Sins… Well before I get to that, special thanks to everybody that links to Sins in their blogs, journals, DA sites, and whatnot. It really is appreciated! Some rather varied searches again and several I wouldn’t want to draw extra attention to but the finalists for this month are “damsels tied to the railroad tracks” (probably would have won, but I’m almost certain that there’s some fetish subculture for that kind of thing) and “stripper netta” (definitely a winner, but if anybody from DDG would be in that job, it would probably fall on Zip’s shoulders at this point in the comic). However, the real winner has to be “comic girl lab coat” for its clear support of the lab coat as the most underappreciated apparel choice around. If it didn’t smell of formaldehyde, I’d probably wear my lab coat instead of a real coat. Maybe just wear it over my shirt for the heck of it since it looks so damned good.

Posted by Pip

Wallpaper Slapeggs

Woops. Forgot to copy the whole address for the picture: