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Posted by Pip

PF16- Shut Up Hush Your Mouth

In honor of Greedís mouthiness, I was going to name the last page with this oneís title and name this one ďCanít you hear you talk too loudĒ. But alas, I forgot until it was already updated. And Iím fully aware of my poserness because thatís the only Caeserís song I can name and I only know it because of the iPod commercials. Doesnít mean I canít still like it!

Anywho, those LegionGolems always end up speaking funny, donít they. From giant tongues to lacks of bottoms of skulls, it must run in the family. This also means that one of the golems was down before the Sins even met them face to face.

A group of friends and I went to see ATHF yesterday. The full mini-review is on the forums if youíre interested but the short form is: The first two minutes are insanely hilarious, it was what I was expecting as far as how it was presented, but I walked away a touch disappointed.