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Thom Page 3

Page three is brought to you today by the letter ‘P’ and the measurement of time ‘Day’. Of course he decided to go the route of giving Lust a bit more “coverage”. And Thom making the nice little connection back to Harmond’s arc and the idea that maybe Aska didn’t just write one book.

Now for that little bonus I promised yesterday. A while back I wrote a short script for a Sins Flash. I had a few people send in voice samples and record some lines and I ended up getting some good stuff for Envy and the hero but my Lust has gone the way of Sloth (okay, maybe Labor because she’s been really busy) and my Greed is now overseas and can’t get his part in. I can’t find where I filed away most of the images, so the zip file just has the script and recorded lines. So download and enjoy this little arc and remember that it was written well before the end of Baxter’s story.
In case you’re wondering, our fine actors are one, Mr. Luprand, and one, Mr. Thom Khatt. Hmmm, those guys are all over the place lately!

I’m going to hold off on displaying the new wallpaper for a short while. It has elements of this arc in it and I don’t want to spoil or reveal anything before its proper time. But that doesn’t mean I can’t pick an amusing search engine result that led to Sins. This month’s isn’t quite as wacky as the other, more… meta-wacky for imaging result of the union: “Sincomics Disney”. As well as Lust could handle the ranks of Disney Princess, Steamboat Willie Greed is oh so fun to picture. And our Kingdom Hearts stage would kick Halloween Town’s butt.