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Posted by Pip

A28- Masterful Rivalry

Short page today. And I'm not really sure why...
Aska is a crafty one with her newfound power. Picking on the Sins takes a lot of guts on her part.

I would offer my usual cookie for identifying what Anger is whistling, but... I kind of forget myself. I drew this page a while ago and I'm not sure if I found the sheet music I was looking for or if I had to go with an alternate song. I THINK it's the iconic music of Ghosts 'N Goblins, but I'm not certain.

Thanks go out to Taimatsu for recommending the Batman Handbook. It's a pretty funny and enjoyable read. The only thing is that I'd rather it be a bit more serious. The odds of a person fighting a super-villain or making a Batmobile are slim, so it would have been better to devote more pages to fighting techniques, how to make Batman's gadgets in the real world, etc, etc.