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Copyright 2005 Adam Schlosser

Posted by Pip

GG3- AdopSin

Now THAT is one heck of an evil plan! These golems just get better and better. Manipulating hosts to do your bidding is one thing, but to harness the awesome power and pity that is a potentially abused forgotten soap opera-ish child… Genius.

To the person that tried to register on the forums as Greyman, please resubmit your profile. Sadly it was a casualty in the war on spam posting. I’m sorry!

Check out Sailor Sun for more exciting Sins auctions. Granted with a sexier purpose than putting the gauntlet up for sale.

And finally for today, check out the Cafepress store for a Lust/Original Sins team poster. Chock full of evilly goodness and on the cheap too.