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Posted by Pip

GG4- Also Chicken

Ha! Many forum-going Slapeggs assumed the worst but these two aren’t so bad, are they? Unless this is all a trick to catch Murdoch off guard and they’ll wail on him when his back is turned. Or ooooh! They could eat him. Would that be considered cannibalism or are the golems officially a different species?

I finished World War Z a few days ago and it was an awesome book. Brooks deserves to be as synonymous with zombies as Romero is and this neeeeeds to be made into a movie. He deals with a very specific type of zombie, but working within those bounds he puts so much thought into how they function and what does and doesn’t work. From how the infection starts to how warfare changes, there are just so many good “Oh yeah, I didn’t think about that” moments throughout the story. A must read as far as I’m concerned.