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Posted by Pip

GG5- Demonic Power Indeed

No Murdoch! Resist! Be strong! She must be using some kind of mind control on the poor boy. You can tell Envy left his vile influence on that wicked, wicked golem.

New month, new donation-incentive (means: send money) wallpaper. Kinda new. It’s a wallpapered version of the Zombie merchandise picture. I just liked it too much to not use it. And it might have some revelations of what’s to come. Minor ones.

And last month’s most humorous search that led to Sins… “105”. One hundred and five what? Page 105? Post 105? Forum member 105? It boggles the mind…

Check out Taralynn’s subdomain. She posted the last entry to her Crew Shift story. Read, read.

And check out Sy Mirrar’a folder in the Fanart gallery for a bonus Sloth-based comic. Hooray! And thanks, Sy.