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A3- For A Very Important Date

And a rather important prop in our story gets reintroduced! Hmmm, Rhett found it in a dark cave too. Maybe movies, TV, and games havenít lied and really important stuff IS hiding in caves.
I donít know if you can see it in some spots, but there are bits where the black is a bit darker than other spots. I have no idea what caused this. Apparently itís possible to make flat blackÖ more black? blacker? by adding a layer of black on top of it. Makes no sense to me, but alas I did not create Corel and Photoshop. If I had, they certainly wouldnít cost as much as they do.
Something I forgot to mention earlier. Each month Iíll do a donation incentive wallpaper. For a donation of 50 cents (that pretty much just covers the Paypal fees) or more Iíll send it to you. This monthís is of Rhett and some of the cast after the end of the first series.
A book recommendation for you literate readers out there. The movie ďWho Framed Roger RabbitĒ was based on an incredibly good book called Who Censored Roger Rabbit and I completely recommend it to most anybody. Itís far, far different from the movie (no Weasels, no Judge Doom, a different plot, and the setting is different as well). I really like the movie but the book was even better, I think. I read it in one day because you just really want to keep finding out what happens next. Itís not only good on the cartoon/comic level, but itís also a great send up of noir crime novels.