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Posted by Pip

GG9- Child Rearing And Fearing

Poor, Legion Envy, she really does care it seems. Sheís creepy and still evil about it, but isnít that parenting at its core? Iím going to hit you to get you to not hurt yourself. Couldnít make more sense! And if you have this monthís wallpaper, you know that park has zombiesÖ

We have a piece of fan art from one contributing to Thomís arc artist, Mr. Vorhias. Thanks! Creepy and evilness abounds as well.

Visit the rest of his works on his dA page at:

I picked up the collectorís edition of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? today (less than four bucks, woo) and man I love that movie. Iíve never seen the theatrical cut, only the edited for TV one, so itís neat to see all the scenes that donít make it past censors. Ah smoking pre-teens and your 1940s sensibilities.