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Posted by Pip

GG15- Threaten Kids With The Darndest Things

Oooh. Probably not for the best to mention that one, Lust. Sometimes a few decades between people are a good thing.
So Murdoch has been cute and cuddly ever since he was a wee one and even into his bishi-esq adult years, but something nobody mentioned, mainly because it was dang hard to make out, is that young Murdoch’s notepad he was using when we first saw him had a tiny “-M-” in the corner. Little kid can’t write his whole name, so the initial will do!

A new page of DDG went up over the weekend. Why don’t you go check it out? Are you a commie or something? Huh?

And finally, a good old fashion plug!
A friend of mine from high school has started up his own webcomic! I plugged him a long ways back when he started his movie films site but an extra plug or two can’t hurt. In fact, he’s the guy largely responsible for me going by the name “Pip”. Does he not just deserve bonus points for that?