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Posted by Pip

GG16- Gelatinous Naga

I’m totally going for the coveted “Most references to Metal Gear by an artist that doesn’t do video game comics” award. I’ll have it some day!
The joke at the top is a reference to the comic Kranna sent me with the Slander design. She berated Envy, but he just kind of laughed it off in an oblivious fashion. I thought it would be worth a chuckle is she harbored a bit of a crush on him but he was too daft to realize it.
But, yes, poor Murdi has some ego problems. That or the necromancer community is rather mean and looks down on you for having an assistant. Especially one that can let you take the easy route. Who needs technical knowledge when you can just ship Slander off to the Spirit Realm to do your dirty work for you?!

Check out the always fantastic SirIsaac’s gallery for a new piece of fan art. And pay her dA site a visit afterwards to offer her congrats for one year. Thanks, SI!