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Posted by Pip

GG17- ConcuMine

Mean olí Slander bringing up Lustís bad decisions to haunt her. So Slanderís life rocks and Lust has guilt over abandoning a cute little girl. Not an even trade in that deal.
Murdoch has kind of a reverse harem going for him. Rather than one guy having many ladies; many ladies have one guy they can manipulate/ruin his life at their whim. What would you call that? And no, a merah is not an option.

Check out the gallery for our first picture/comic from Jenn. Thanks, Jenn!

On a personal note, large kudos to the people of Honda. Pipís happy little Civic that much like Molly the bear doesnít understand your hostility towards it was rear ended while at a complete stop by a Forerunner going about 40 MPH. Not only was I not driven into the Fed Ex truck in front of me (not riding peopleís bumpers is a GOOD thing, do it more often, people), but the only damage to the exterior of the car is that its bumper needs to be put back into its proper position. Hopefully it will be given a clean bill of health by the repair shop and Iíll have it back shortly. So, Slapeggs, donít talk on your cell phone while you drive. Maiming or killing me would put a serious damper on my ability to update.