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GG18- Somebody Throw A Chair Already!

No, Murdoch! Stop the yelling; you’re ruining our chances at a happy ending to this chapter. The people need that. Bad, necromancer, bad!
I think the idea of telling Slander to be quiet is probably one of the biggest insults you can throw at her.

Out with the old half of 2007 and bring on the last half! Let’s see what June brought to us in the ways of humorous search engine links to Sins. “Hitting women back” was on track to be this month’s women but there’s something suspiciously evil about WHY somebody would be searching for that. SO I think I’ll throw my weight behind “”. It’s not a real site and its use here can be traced back to the forum, but the funny thing about it is that it’s the first time I remember it showing up in the search hits, but the forum post was is from April of last year. And most of the male artists I know... you don’t want to see them go wild... ew.
And of course, the wallpaper for which you’ll feel compelled to donate to receive and spur on this economy of ours:

It’s a reworking of the Original Seven poster found in the shop. I just like that picture. And it lets you wildly speculate as to what the remaining original Sins were.

Posted by Pip


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