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GG20- She Has Envy Footie PJs

Sheís a bit of a fan of the Sins, you see... You do have to enjoy the hypocrisy of Lust trying to paint the Sins as not being unstable, messing with peoplesí lives, or being evil. Itís a tough argument to make. But she is cuter doing evil than they are. Take THAT, hellspawn.

So the Army of Darkness vs Marvel Zombies arc wrapped up today and I thought it ended fairly well. Ash had his good outs and his interactions with the Necronomicon were some of the best dialogue in the story. The final pages were great, just as long as they donít make that into another miniseries. Bit of beating of the proverbial dead horse there. But the Hulk makes juvenile poop jokes funny. Who knew?!
I also picked up the second Spider-Man fairy tales comic and it wasnít as good as the first. It was certainly drawn well and made for a good tale, but whereas the first one had a really funky art style and really wove the Spider-Man and Red Riding Hood stories together, this one was more an Anansi story with Uncle Ben and great responsibility thrown in. They missed a great chance to have Sandman as the Earth element, Hydroman as Water and so forth. Boo to that.

And check the gallery for our first DDG fan art by Jenn!