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Posted by Pip

GG21- Way To Go Jerkhead

Boo. Throw tomatoes at Murdoch. He made the cute golem girls sad!
Ahh, the ampersand. Nature’s FCC. I just liked the idea that Slander would gratuitously curse, but not in a mean way. She doesn’t just want to hang out with Lust; she wants to *@$&’ing hang out with Lust. It’s cute in an evil way befitting a Vice.

There’s a new DDG that went up on Monday. They’ve been moving along quickly lately. Don’t be left behind!

Well, almost $800 later, I have my car back. I bid adieu to my crappy rental Aveo (granted I haven’t driven too many cars in my short time on the road, but that was one poorly made vehicle) and hugged my car once more with its power windows and locks (a 2007 Aveo didn’t have power locks. Madness!). However, the bastards at the body shop stole my change! I always have $2 in quarters in my cup holders just in case I ever encounter a toll or have to pay to park somewhere and they took it! It wasn’t just an “oh it got sucked up by the vacuum when we were cleaning” because other than the cup holders, nothing else was cleaned. Jerks.