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Posted by Pip

J9- Hwarf

Yes Greed is, Jin, yes Greed is. But he’s all shady, he can just morph out and ditch the slobber. You have to figure this is a bit traumatic for the little rodent though. One minute a brown rat demon thing is offering you stuff, then you black out, wake up coughing him up, and there is a mob thirsting for your blood.

A big thanks to all of you voting for Sins on TopWebComics. We jumped up quite a few places last month, so that’s great. The voting link is just under the comic page and above these notes and remember that you can vote daily! Thanks a ton, Slapeggs!

A new month it ‘tis, so let’s get the wallpaper revealed. Remember to donate financially or fan-er-fannily with pictures or something creative and it can be yours! Oooh, ahhh. And, yes, the filename is an Aqua Teen reference.

And this month’s best search string leading to the site is... “phil lamarr” gets mention just because he’s awesooome and there was an absolutely hysterical Halo one but of questionable family safeness. “orphens 9 hadoken” has to win out though. Although it really should have been in the reverse order.
And all right! We’re on the first page of search results for “sins” on Google!
And we had over 4400 hits from people browsing with their PSPs. Way to go!