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J11- The More You Didn't Know

Once more, Sins is being educational. Running away from your home/school is a BAD thing. Just in case you werenít taught that or hadnít figured it out on your own. Or if you follow Greedís example and just let things fall into place. The man/demon is relaxed. You have to give him that.

Thereís some more fan art by Jenn in the fan art section of the gallery, so stop by and give it a looksie.

I signed up for Netflix and oh man it is totally addictive. I spent about two hours adding things to my queue or rating movies just for the heck of it. Some purely to spite the actors in them. I gave anything I stumbled upon with Whoopi Goldberg or Robin Williams a 1, and they werenít even on my recommendations. Take THAT! So first things Iíve watched reviews... Supersize Me- Meh. While most of it is damned obvious and it doesnít blame the buyer enough, there was more content than I was expecting and some interesting information, but the host was so damned annoying. Michael Moore may be annoying, but at least he usually lets other people tell stories he guides along. Spurloch just seems like he got his hands on a camera and wants to show everybody how awesome he is. And he fails. The Office (US version)- I was against the show on principal and find Steve Carell REALLY annoying (yes, even on The Daily Show), but once you get into the show, itís so damned good. Your contempt for Carell is actually good for the show, but there are still times when you actually feel bad for him or you marvel when he shows competence. That and Dwight is pure evil.