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Posted by Pip

J13- Again With The Orphanarium

Jinís lines amuse me. She makes herself sound so worldly and adult, despite the fact that sheís basically saying she has nothing and if not for her caretakers, would probably be dead. Now thatís Sin host material. Ready to kick some monster butt and reign in some evil demons! Note- You probably shouldnít conceive and abandon children in hopes of teaching them character. Doesnít always work out well.

I saw Panís Labyrinth the other day and oh man is it fantastic. The directing, action, designs, everything were so well done and full of style. All the fairy tale work is so... grotesquely beautiful and original. Compare the fairies from Panís with say Tinkerbell from Peter Pan and you get one gigantic stylistic gap. Going into the movie without much prior knowledge (aside from good reviews, a few recommendations, and listening to an interview with the director), I was surprised that the fairy tale aspect of the movie isnít the main focus and really takes a backseat to whatís happening with the characters in the real world. Complete recommendation on my part.