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J15- The Deadliest Prey

Pride’s naiveté is so cute. Both in how the Sins work and the fearsome of bunches of fruit. Maybe those two fields are related... And of course, Greed would choose to not be party to the injuring of fuzzy huggable forest creatures.

A new DDG went up yesterday. Read it and be awed! All the cool kids are awed these days. You do want to be cool, right?

And in the realm of pluggage:

It’s a M-W-F comic written by good ol’ Thom of the Sins Animal Farm fame (he makes claims of having done other things as well). There are other people involved too, but what have they done for us?!

Posted by Pip

Gen Con 07

Slapegg Spiral is going to be at Gen Con this week. Find him, mug him (or say hi), and get some officially sanctioned Sins business cards from him!