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Posted by Pip

A33- …Or I’ll Mess You Up

My doesn’t Aska sound vaguely threatening there. She’s such a cute little dictator when she gets riled up.

Maybe the reason she doesn’t have candy is because she’s like the kids around here and doesn’t freaking trick-or-treat. Not a single person came! Not. A. One. Fine! Nuts to all of you. I’ll eat my candy myself. Or maybe bring it into work for my coworkers. Stupid little kids…

Well, with October’s end, Sins had its first full month and I think it went fairly well. Lots of email and AIM support from readers, several commissions, and some donations as well. Thanks for all your help, SlapEggs!
And continuing with my previous tradition, my favorite search string this month that lead to the site was…
I know it seems like a simple one, but think of how much that simplicity means. A search for my nickname beat out famous authors, movies, South Park, and antediluvian words. In your face, Dickens!