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J16- Greed Helps Those That Help Themselves

Hey, if you’re the one that needs to eat and perform all those showy biological functions, that means you have to scare up some food by yourself. Torture builds character! As for making her get the higher up ones, well that’s just for fun. Plus you wouldn’t want her to have a meal that wasn’t as flavorful. Yeah, that’s it...

I got my next Netflix movie and this time we have... Idiocracy. It was done by Mike Judge and it really feels like it occupies the midland inbetween Beavis and Butthead and Office Space. It still has that biting satire, but it’s more in your face, loaded with profanity, and chock full of low brow humor, but at the same time, the movie wouldn’t make sense without any of the bad stuff.
When Joe (the world’s most average man) is cryogenically frozen and released 500 years in the future, he finds that it isn’t the idealic future shown in movies, but a future where humanity is so dumbed down and idiotic that product placement is EVERYWHERE (from people’s names to their entire clothing to the fact that Carl’s Jr can take your baby away), water has been all but completely replaced by sports drinks, and pretty much everything in the world centers around sex, money, or food. Joe is hailed as the world’s smartest man and is forced into solving the world’s problems. And hilarity ensues...