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Posted by Pip

J17- Slap My Eggs

Itís nice to know the monster kingdom fights with the same pride as pissy little girls and feuding nerds. Go, Jin! Slap its spiny self! Just go ahead and deny that Sins has epic fights. You know you canít...

Two good recommendations on the film front. The first, Primer, I really want to say little about, other than that you should watch it. Two engineers are building a machine and even they arenít aware of what it can do. Thatís it; donít spoil any more about it than that. The first thirty minutes are very dry, but make sure you pay attention and hear them out, but by the time the last even two minutes of the film were occurring, my jaw was down and my heart was pounding. Itís an intelligent, dramatic, and very well made flick. Go see, go, go.
The next is Nightwatch. I watched it on a whim from a friendís recommendation. The first half an hour isnít noteworthy, very typical light versus dark, good versus evil, this is going to be a standard Hollywood-esq vampire flick, but once you get passed the opening, it really comes into its own and has its own lore to lay down. Thereís a strong theme of moral ambiguity in the battle between light and dark that they push and it sets it apart. Really interesting ending too, so Iím looking forward to the next films. I knew it was Russian, but I didnít know it was subbed, so I think this is my first Russian film. I feel special now. Plus thereís a prophetic PS2. Just imagine what they could do with a 3 and its Cell. Bow to its power! And forthcoming Ratchet and Clank... Man the trailer for that had me drooling.