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Posted by Pip

J19- Oh The Goomanity

Yay, now itís not up to Greed to keep all the conversations going. Sloth can pick up the slack. Er... Hmm... Yeah.
Greed reveals a bit on the workings of the hosts here as well. There has to be some kind of payment/bribe/blackmail involved with letting the Sin take over. They obviously donít have to all be demons though. Weíve seen lots of humans, humanoids, and monsters.

I saw the Strangers With Candy movie today. If you werenít a fan of the show, you definitely wonít like it, but itís just so bad at some moments that itís hysterical. Jerri is just so vile at times that thatís where the humor comes from. The teachers and the principal are the best part though, especially now that Stephen Colbert is a huge star, so seeing him as the loser/angry/depressed/highly religious but more than likely punishing himself by doing so/fairly homosexual teacher gets you some extra humor value out of it. That they actually got some real actors involved garners extra kudos too.