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J22- Get Her Some Water Wings

Yep, definitely failing at that whole guardian job. In her defense, she’s not really built for this kind of fight. So we won’t blame her for this in its entirety. Plus we all love her, so who could stay mad at poor Fortune?

Thanks again to everybody linking and voting for Sins. It really helps our numbers!
And the fan favorite Google-searches-that-led to-Sins for the month... I’m always a fan of the random one-word searches that find their way here like “false” or “think”, but “short story about the seven sins” wins this round. It just makes it sound like there’s some old guy with a pipe in a rocking chair traumatizing the heck out of some grandkids. And who doesn’t like that?

I got TMNT from Netflix today, and it was incredibly disappointing. I’m willing to give it that I’m probably not the target audience (I was a maaajor fan as a kid, but that was what? 15 years ago?), but there’s nothing about the film that you can look at and say “Yeah, that really worked”. The storyline is just flat out boring, the characters are uninteresting (especially the new ones), and the dialogue is either hackneyed or just poorly written. The soundtrack is atrocious and the few decent music cues that are in there are poorly used, so it just grates on you. Background designs are very detailed and nicely done, but the characters don’t share such luck. The female ninja has a keen design and April has a weird but cute look in her business and explorer outfits, but just looks “off” in her casual and fighting outfits. The male cast, however, pretty much all look like rejects from The Incredibles. The main villain IS Mr. Incredible, from his body and face, right down to Bob’s nose. The Turtles look good, aside from their snouts and mouths, but Splinter is just creepy. All in all, definitely not worth your time, nostalgia or not.