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Posted by Pip

J23- King Of The Monsters

Bam! Shooting down all sorts of theories on the message boards. While yes it may be rather green and lizardy, like Envy’s host in Rhett’s story, the big water monster wasn’t Envy. Take THAT, well... People reading? Well it doesn’t sound nice if I put it that way.
The design for the monster there had some inspiration from those frogs like Marsupial frogs that carry their young in their backs or the seahorses that have the babies burst forth from their stomach. It’s just all so disgusting. Nature is vile.

Continuing off from last year’s reminder that September means back to school with you, this month’s wallpaper is another educationally based one. Just donate some art, writing, or monies to bask in its glory!

And to our Statesian readers, enjoy a decidedly Slothful Labor Day!