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Posted by Pip

A34- She Wouldn’t Hurt A Fly. She’d Destroy It

Ah my cynical nature of humanity rises up again. All people want power and little kids are no exception. They just don’t know limits or have moral restrictions like a scant few adults do. Not that I’d be able to resist the allure of the ability to enforce poetic justice on the people I meet…

I forgot to mention yesterday that since it’s a new month there’s a new donation incentive wallpaper up. You get them for donating just about anything to the comic or by helping it along. That means commissions, donations, fan works, etc, etc. This month is a requested picture of a few characters enjoying and not enjoying themselves in an end of summer scene.

More site news- Subdomains! Two Sins subdomains are up and running for your enjoyment. The first is the home of random musings and hopefully some projects of a very good friend of mine at:
Enjoy his inanities and pressure him to draw and make some games!

More site related than that is the subdomain under the guidance of Ackin, also known Diana Vázquez to some. She has been extraordinarily kind enough to volunteer to translate Sins into Spanish!
Please go there and offer her support and her rightful kudos for the fantastic work she’s doing. Thank you tons again, Diana! Our Spanish-speaking readers may also want to check out the new section at the forum.