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Posted by Pip

J27- Meh the Friendly Shoulders

Thatís traveliní in style. Throw some spinners and hydraulics on Envy and youíll have more class than you know what to do with. Although, unless he started to grow, he could run out of real estate quickly up there. Nowhere to really set your drink either. Ah well, I guess all the great modes of transportation have their downsides.

The time has come once again, the server/site fees must be paid and renewed for another year. So if youíve been mulling donating to the site before but havenít yet done so, now would be a fantastic time! Please?
And in honor of this pledge drive... Oh yes... Sloth tote bags! Use it to store your hefty books! And then use it to knock out Garrison Keillor and steal all his ketchup and rhubarb pies!
Am I the only medium-popularity comic that makes reference to Garrison Keillor? I sure hope so...

Or, if youíre thinking about signing up for Game Fly, you can use Sins as a referrer and I get support that way!

Speaking of which, Iíll start doing short reviews through that like I do with the Netflix DVDs.