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Posted by Pip

J28- PuppyMan Bag

At least sheís thoughtful, right? Your scary demons canít go inside, so you grab them some leftovers to go. Itís better than nothing! Greed gets violated once more and Envy shows heís more than a touch hypocritical. At least Anger is tiny and vaguely canine. People could handle that better than the whole lumbering giant thing Envy has going on.

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Or would you rather spend your money on doctorís with names like RPG bad guys or Carl Kasellís coffee maker? Come on, you think Ira Glass is a bit of a dick too.

And out first GameFly review... Escape from Bug Island ! I rented it ignoring critical reviews with the hopes that it would be the next Illbleed. It attained nowhere near that level of greatness, but in its own way, itís just mindless B-movie cheese and fun. The characters are dialogue are insipid and almost painful, but at times break the fourth wall and draw attention to how preposterous the whole thing is (ďIím a scientistĒ is the gameís way of telling another character to shut up and keep out of it, because scientists know EVERYTHING, dammit, no matter what their initial field of study is). The game is incredibly short (I beat it in less than four hours), and running away from enemies is really the best course of action due to the wonky fighting controls and lack of decent movement. All in all, not worth buying by any means, but for a chuckle and pity laughs, itís worth the few hours of your time.