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Posted by Pip

J29- Not Even Twinkies

I donít think Iíve ever had gruel. In fact, Iím not even really sure what it is. Iím fairly certain itís in the oatmeal family, but where does the distinction lay? Is it a regional thing like subs versus hoagies? Although I canít really think of any region that would prefer ďgruelĒ outside of some horrific Dickensian village. Maybe thatís where Jin is... Soon sheíll be sold into slavery then die of some horrible lung disease!

Thereís a new DDG page up! Read, be inspired, wonder if Off World has gruel too.

And we have a guest page by Kamizite in the gallery. Thanks Kami!

And another GameFly review... Cooking Mama: Cook Off. I really... just have nothing nice to say about this game. Mama is annoying, if not downright unintelligible. The controls and motion recognition are horrible and frequently donít make sense. Thereís not even a hint of educational value. I mean, if I was learning how to make those recipes as I played the game, that would be one thing, but itís just throws the steps at you and doesnít give you measurements or ingredient lists. All in all, the game is just pointless. You perform the motions once and then the whole game is just performing those motions over and over until you slog through the recipes. The cook offs are all right because they at least add some competition and purpose, but there doesnít seem to be any reasoning behind when the computer does well or completely botches it and destroys their dish or fails a step. Iron Chef this ainít. Pass it on all regards.