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J30- Two Year Anniversary

See, now isnít Jin a sweetie? She returned Greed his little oí money! How many other people would do that?
I think Fortune is vying for Lustís spot now. She even has the card playing with Greed going on...

As you can tell from the title of this page... Sins Venials has been on the air for two years now! Wahoo! Big, big thanks to every reader, commenter, linker, donator, fan arter and writer, and forum member that comes by and helps Sins rock as much as it does! You guys are the best!
Donít forget that you can always show your support and help me pay the bills by:
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Or by sending some good old fashion fan art:

And a small picture making reference to last yearís picture...

... Which leads us to a new contest! Itís up to you to hire (read: design) some non-union cheap labor replacements for the Sins! Now, youíre not designing a new Lust or Sloth; youíre creating replacements ďactorsĒ to fill their roles. So like in the picture, Envy is a big green guy, but heís quite clearly not the lovable Envy we know. You can use animals, people, demons, etc to fill the roles but they all have to be easily identifiable as the Sin role theyíre filling. The current Sin team is fine or going back and hiring for previous Sins is all right as well. Entries can be drawn pictures, renders, or photos (definite bonus points if you can sucker seven friends into dressing up for the roles and letting you photograph them). No photo manipulations (unless you took the original photos), edited sprites, etc. Itís all right to include a short write up with it if you feel something needs to be explained.
Entries may be emailed to me, posted on a website, Photobucket/Imageshack type deal, deviantArt/SheezyArt site, on a blog, etc. Just send me a permanent link I can post to access the picture. All failing, email the picture to me and Iím sure I can find a place to host it.
The winner will get some Sins swag, within reason. A shirt, a few stickers and a bib, a commission, a copy of the book, etc. We can work something out when the time comes. And how does two weeks sound for a due date? Weíll plan on October 5th being the last day, but thatís flexible.