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J31- None Shall Pass

Mansion guards just arenít what they used to be. Although, given that guns, tasers, and ear pieces and walkie talkies donít exist in the Sins world, I guess their work is a bit harder than our guardsí jobs. Plus that whole ďgiant unholy demon threatening youĒ thing isnít much of a help either. And you thought Angerís tentacles were just stylish!

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Movie review for the day... Kids in the Hall Brain Candy
Iím a major KitH fan and adore Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald are freaking awesome. Also, I have attempted to watch this movie before, but it was when I was younger and thereís a scene in the beginning where a character is masturbating so our nana made my mom turn the movie off. So years of mulling this movie around in my head and yet never seeing it have unfortunately brought about a level of expectation the film just couldnít reach. It was certainly entertaining and had plenty of funny moments, but it just isnít KitH funny. There werenít many ďcharactersĒ from the sketches so it didnít feel like a bad SNL-esq movie built around characters from the show, but the characters they did have just felt they were thrown in for the heck of it.
And in the masturbation scene, you donít see anything and it winds up being pretty funny.