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J32- Demonocracy

Now thatís why you pay your servants well. If not, theyíll just stand around and let demons threaten to beat the tar out of you. If Castlevania has taught me anything, itís that maids all know kung fu, so if that lady isnít jump kicking Pride in the face, she isnít paid well.

Nobody better have forgotten about that Sins contest! Create! Submit! Potentially win...

Quick movie review- Stranger Than Fiction
Iím by no means a big Will Ferrell fan, but Iíd go as far as to say that not only is he downright tolerable in this movie, but heís actually pretty likable. You have a fantastic cast of characters, great acting and directing, and a by all means enthralling plot, and all together it just makes for a damn good, funny, and at times, moving film. Very high recommendation.

Posted by Pip

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