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J33- Wedgies Are Next

Fortune is so much fun to write for. She has the evilness of a bad fourth grader rather than the demons she allies herself with. A wet willy would probably be the worst punishment she could inflict on someone and not be horribly wracked with guilt over it. And that is a definite sign of a badly paid maid. Although most of the people I know would probably sit back and watch their boss get noogied. Small joke with what she’s whistling too.

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Quick movie review- Spirited Away
This is probably another movie where the hype over it didn’t help. After all the gushing praise I heard about it over time, when I finally got a chance to watch it, I was left feeling very meh. The visuals are no doubt stunning and fantastic with high quality art and animation throughout the entire film, but the storyline and pacing were rather boring. Everything ties up far too neatly at the end (and in record short time as well) and at least four characters go from being bad to super helpful and good in a single scene. It draws you in with a vibrant and intriguing fantasy world, but there’s only so long that can occupy your mind before you realize how annoying the main character is and how uninteresting everyone else is.