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J34- Stick Vs Guillotine

This is actually how the French Revolution occurred. None of that head chopping off business. It was all heavily annoying beatings with sticks that drove out the overly well to do. Expect your history books to be corrected shortly.

The Sins contest is a week in, so how are your entries coming?

On the review front, I’m watching the third season of Deadwood, so it will be a while until I’m done with that and can offer a full mini review. On the game theater- Wii Play- A group of mini-games that fail at even the standard mini-game cliché of being fun for a minute and then getting tiring. The games in Wii Play are tedious to begin with and only get worse halfway through the rounds. Zelda Four Swords (GC)- A fun, and novel, take on the classic Zelda games. It’s a far sight better than the 3D ones like Twilight Princess, but the game is so easy that it really just feels like you’re going through the motions until you hit the next puzzle or boss. It’s best to take it as a Zelda “remixed” or “best of”, because while controlling the four characters at once is neat, the main appeal comes from revisiting areas from previous games or meeting old foes.