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Posted by Pip

J35- Far Keener Than Locusts

Gluttony, the plague that’s easy on the eyes. If only Moses called down the curse of Gluttony upon the Pharaoh, just think how awesome ancient Egypt would be. She’d probably have demanded they turn the pyramids into that ride where you go down the slide on a bit of carpet. Or a water park! Sweet.

The next DDG page is up. Thanks to everyone that donated so you can bask in its D-ness. But which of the Ds is it?!

The Two year Anniversary contest is going to be extended a bit due to some requests. That just means I expect entries to be that much more mind-blowing!

It’s once again that joyous month with its end of sweltering hot days and holidays built solely around tasty, tasty candy. Hooray for October! And to celebrate, a new donation incentive wallpaper for all children to enjoy. Even those that just poke two holes in a white bed sheet.

And of course, our examination of last month’s Numbers. We dipped a bit in the TWC rankings... Click the cute Gluttony picture! Vote! There were several good search strings leading to Sins though. “greek mythology with familicide”. Who doesn’t like that? Aside from families... “snuggling”. Always fun. “rafargle” Darn tootin’. “naked sins”. Okay, now I’m a bit concerned. Although, aren’t they almost always naked? But for the true best I was left with a soul wrenching tie. “drop dead gorgeous dinosaurs” is just so worthy of winning, but “sins bollywood”... You just can’t beat that. Excuse my while I go imagine a multimillion dollar impromptu musical number. Mmmm, yeah...