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Posted by Pip

A35- Sin Cit- Nah, That’s Too Easy

The downside of Aska’s gleeful fun arises for Cuberos to see. There has to be a dark lining to every cloud, right? But hey, kids sleep a lot and gorge themselves anyway, so what’s the big deal?
This was another cliff-hanger page, as it’s the end of Chapter 3. Just who is Cuberos siding with? Demonic shade that wants to brings a power-hungry girl down or the friend he’s known and trusted for her short life? Dun dun duuun. But you can just check back tomorrow and find out the answer…

Checking through the links, I want to thank some of you for helping the comic. I’ve seen it mentioned on a few forums and on other sites, so thanks a ton you guys! Even small things like that really help get the word around.