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Posted by Pip

J37- The Amazing Karmac

If anybody has loads of bad karma, it would have to be the Sins. I mean, theyíre just walking excuses for the Universe to dish out some punishment. And the Sins have an odd sort of reverence for it with each other. I generally donít applaud people for doing a good job of kicking my butt, but apparently Envy does.
Lust is a good girl though, she stays in touch. Or at least had some kind of shady dealings with a town ruler.

Ever wonder what I sound like? Well donít. My voice is godawful and makes small children cry. If you still want to ignore your better judgment, I was invited to be on CD Ruddís pod cast about comics, so you can hop on over, give it a listen, and agree that Iím wholly uninteresting. But if youíve read this far into the notes, youíve probably done that before, and know this fact all too well.