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J39- Town Without Atheists

Thatís my kind of Sharing! And religion at that matter... Well, at least Lust is a benevolent dictator. Her women look happy, well taken care of, and now they get fuzzy puppy-rat men to hug and cuddle. Everybody wins! Except those that want free will, but you could argue that itís an even trade.

Quick review- Big Brain Academy Wii Degree:
BBA fails at being a learning tool and fails hard at being a game. None of the events feel like they have any educational value and more emphasis is placed on doing things quickly rather than doing them right. Get 50% right in 30 seconds nets you a far better score than getting 100% right in 60 seconds, so the focus quickly becomes memorizing patterns and rote learning the events. Granted that is a type on intelligence in its own right, but youíre quickly just going through the motions rather than solving puzzles. As a game, thereís next to no content, unlocking expert modes is simple and youíll probably do it in one or two tries, and I had gold or platinum medals in half the events in just an hour of playing. I took the initial test, played all the events, and returned it in the course of one day. Epic fail, donít waste your time on it.