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J40- Stranger Sans Candy

Ooooh, burn. That’s not going to sit well with our prideful and spiteful Lust. Lock your door at night, Jin, or else she’s going to eat your bones.
Although I do feel bad for Lust. Not being able to have kids is one thing, but to be spurned from a kid you just met is much more crushing. Corrupt one castle/town/religion and everybody is against you!

One week is left for the contest! Make sure you get your entry/entries in!

The new DDG is up complete with intrigue, mystery, suspense, and... murder! Or just one angry girl.

Quick review- Dewey’s Adventure:
Dewey’s Adventure is a very confused game. Anybody that might find it cute (people under 3 or those that have been repeatedly whacked with a frying pan) will immediately be frustrated by the lousy controls and god awful camera that destroys any sense of perspective. Those older players (ones without lumps on their heads) will know that Dewey isn’t cute, he’s annoying. In fact, he’s downright repugnant. Just how bad is the game? I can sum it up in one instance. Dewey, the magical creature made up of water, that can control water’s different states, and whose whole existence is based upon and revolves around water, can’t touch water or else he’ll drown. Gah! It’s, its maddening! It doesn’t make any sense! There is no Gaia.