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Posted by Pip

J41- Hoarding Or Kidnapping

Itís good to know that the eternally klepto demon can actually be bought off. It would make fine blackmail material if he actually had the decency to look ashamed about it. Little kids just drag all the fun out of haremish cults. Then again, Fortune is a do-gooder buzzkiller too.

Donít forget that this is the last week you can submit contest entries!

Man, Frisky Dingo was pretty dark this week. Much unhappiness with poor Lamont!

Quick Review: Mega Man Network Transmission- A far sight better than the dull GBA/DS games, but it doesnít hold a candle to the X or Classic series. Marred by really cheap bosses with two hit kills and blocking abilities and the obscene wait time in-between picking your abilities (with many situations where you have to pick a power, use it once, and then go back to waiting for another), there are still a few fun fights and they get big kudos for the original stage music remixes. Itís by no means a Mega Man 2 or 3, but probably on par with a 6. Extra generosity afforded because the game is only 5 bucks now.