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Posted by Pip

J42-His Cute Commands You

What a range of effects the Sins have on the ladies. From Envy and the creepy revulsion he generates (he likes it rough! And I guess that includes spears and axes) to Greedís squeal inducing cuddliness. Or Greed kind of looks like a squeaky toy that a dog would love to tear apart... Stay away from Anger, Greed! Chupacabras cannot resist the power of the squeaky organ and its call!

Iím going to be moving at the beginning of next month, so Iím putting out a request for guest/filler pages for while Iím gone, please. If I can get about two week's worth, that would be fantastic. It can be colored, black and white, a single image, or anything else you can help out with and would be greatly appreciated!

Webmaster Dave has set up a Sins RSS feed. Get Sins on your Blackberry or any other time youíre too lazy to type in the domain name!