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J43- Nymaybes

Finally, one of the Sinís hosts didnít get royally screwed over in the transfer. Iíd take waking up from unconsciousness over beheadings, head crackings, or crushings and maimings any day. Word took umbrage with a lot of those words.
The women shades in Jinís life are pretty complex folks. Or just plain old evil.

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Quick Reviews: Scurge- While Scurge may seem like just a flat-out Metroid rip-off, itís really more Landstalker meets Metroid and it stands on its own two feet. The story is clichť, but the characters have their own style, the environment and story are well done, and Jenosa is a lot more likable than Samus. Jenosa actually has a personality, some decent powers, and a pretty spiffy outfit and hair style at that. My only complaint about it is the infection meter/timer. Basically the game is punishing you for exploring when thatís what the game should be all about. Either remove the infection meter (the story wouldnít suffer at all for it) or scale back the hoards and hoards of never ending enemies. They respawn every time you leave the screen and every room is always jam packed with them, so youíre slogging through the same aliens again and again. Other than that, itís a fun underrated game (for less than ten bucks).