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J44- Butt Ornaments

Butt ornaments, wave of the future! You wear make up and earrings to draw attention to your face, so why not hang something from your back pockets to draw attention to your butt? It would totally sell and you know it.
For those of you that didnít read the original Sins, insert your standard shame here, the last time Sharing went to Greedís temple, Rhett stripped the Virtue of his weapon and clothes and left him at the mercy of a group of merciless and angry temple guards. That kind of thing would scar a man...

The two year anniversary contest has finally ended! Big, big thanks to those of you that entered! All judging was done by random friends that happened to be on AIM when I was, so the non-winning entrants are encouraged to not pelt me with fruit. I didnít make the choice!
Our winner was one, Mr. Jay, with a ... disturbing... solution to the Sinsí contract and money demands.
Find his work at:
Find his work at:

Quick review- Deadwood Season 3- Okay not so much a review since Iíve ranted about how much I love Deadwood and that itís a mastery of character and story to anybody willing to listen and those that arenít able to get away, so itís more of an impression on the final episode. A bit spoilery, so far thee warned. Several sources told me how disappointed Iíd be with the end and that things would be left up in the air with the seriesís cancellation. Iím a bit of a fan of ďnonendingsĒ and thatís really what Deadwood got. It would be perfectly fine as the last episode of the season, but it does sting a bit seeing as how itís the last episode of the series (save for the movies that are promised). It was a very realistic and honest ending. The bad guys won. Hearst had the power, money, and influence to do what he wanted and thatís what he did. He brought down almost every one of the main characters in one way or another and they all know that any direct retribution will just bring suffering to everybody else. As great as it would have been to have seen a fight with Heart like Bullock and Alís or Dan and The Captainís, thatís not Hearstís style and it wouldnít be realistic. Some much is left up in the air as far as the charactersí stories, but that kind of leads to an interesting point. Many of the characters are based on real people. I could hop on over to Wikipedia and find out what Hearst did after leaving Deadwood, same for Al, Jane, and Bullock, but I donít want to. I want the dramatic version of their lives, but history. Not the greatest ending, but Iím fine sitting back and waiting for the show to come back and maybe lie to me about how history works out.