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J45- Fight And Fight Alike

Man, I kind of feel bad for Sharing here. The poor guy is a bit depressed. When was the last time somebody gave HIM something? Just some candy or flowers or even a hug. Is that really so much to ask?! But enough about him, this is probably just confusing enough for Jin without throwing in an immortalityís worth of Zoloft.

Donít forget to send in your guest pages/pictures for when Iím on my semi-hiatus for my move. Pretty pleeease?

Quick Reviews:
Touch Detective 2.5- It has the same fantastic design, wit, characters, and style as the first with even more geek references and dialogue but balanced out by puzzles that use even less logic and amount to nothing more than guessing and trying every item with every person every step of the way. There are MANY points in the game where you will know exactly how to solve the puzzle, but until you talk to specific people in a specific order, Mackenzie wonít do what you want her to.
Borat- Itís really a movie thatís funnier to have people tell you about. That way you get all the funny bits in ten minutes or so and you think itís hilarious, as opposed to watching it where you get it drawn out over an hour and a half and not only does it wear out its welcome, but it gets boring on top of it. In many places it just isnít funny and is cruel to people that donít deserve it (but with plenty of people that do deserve it mixed in).