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Posted by Pip

A36- A Change of S-Pace

Ah, you knew heíd side with Lust.
Turning the tables on our dear character corporeal forms though. Youíre a shade thatís forced to serve under a human and you get the chance to order another human around? Sweet vengeance time! Even though she isnít doing it to be mean, Lust probably enjoys the change of power.

So, as you noticed- no backgrounds. Chapter 3 is where the old backgrounds ended, and honestly, I never liked them enough to muck around with these pages and put them back in. The remainder of Askaís saga will be backgroundless, but Iíd like some input for the next stories. What kind of background do you expect/want from the comic? My friends have been kind enough to offer me input on the next sagaís backgrounds, but the more ideas in, the better. Iíve heard everything from leave them blank to have a lone tree in every single panel. It wouldnít make much sense to have overly elaborated backgrounds given the simplicity of the drawing style, but Iím sick of just plain old edited photos. So send in your ideas and suggestions, please! The majority of the comics I like all take place indoors and Sins usually takes place outside, so itís hard to ripoff, I mean, get ideas from other places.